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Ever notice that the world is full of experts who have never actually done what they are "experts" at?

Many a business professor has never actually managed a business. Most business courses stress defining business terms but never actually teach the concepts of running a business.

This blog hopes to teach some of the terms and, at the same time, give some examples and lessons on running a business.

There will also be reviews of books on business listed here. Sometimes companies give me books to review. Regardless of where I get the book to review, I will give my honest opinion. If I was given the book to review I will always disclose that in the review.

I seek to start posting on 02 January 2012. Some of the posts will be recycled from some of my other blogs.

The reader should know that there is no one “Right Way” to conduct business that will apply in all situations. This blog is meant as a place to start. It is hoped that you will perform further research and consult professionals experienced in your particular business before making any important decisions.

03 October 2018

Book Review: Authority Marketing: How to Leverage 7 Pillars of Thought Leadership to Make Competition Irrelevant by Adam Witty and Rusty Shelton ISBN: 978-1-946633-13-2

If you needed heart surgery right away, which doctor would you choose, the one who just read the latest textbook on the particular procedure you need, or the doctor who wrote it?

The book Authority Marketing: How to Leverage 7 Pillars of Thought Leadership to Make Competition Irrelevant by Adam Witty and Rusty Shelton explains in an easy to read way how you can come to be seen as a authority in your market.

We here at Manian Debil Productions receive hundreds of articles written by many different authors.  These articles are sent by many different publicists. We can only run so many. How do we choose which articles we run?  I did not realize it before, but this book explains why we pick those select few.

If you are trying to break out in your niche, you will find this book to be very helpful. It is also eye-opening.  It is sort of like Paco Underhill’s book Why We Buy in the idea that we should know this, but for some reason we don’t.

When you read this book you will probably think, “I knew that”. When you do think that, you will then wonder why you didn’t act on what you knew.  This book will help you act on that.

Five Star Review

We think anyone in any field that puts one in the  public eye should read Authority Marketing.  We give it all five stars and know you will, too.

We were sent a complimentary copy of this book.  We are under no obligation to write any review, positive or negative.

We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255.

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Disclaimer: The opinions or advice listed in this blog or website should be used as a place to start only. It is not a substitute for the use of a professional.

Please be sure to consult your attorney, accountant, and/or other professionals with any specific questions. There is no one right answer to any business question that will cover all circumstances.

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