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Ever notice that the world is full of experts who have never actually done what they are "experts" at?

Many a business professor has never actually managed a business. Most business courses stress defining business terms but never actually teach the concepts of running a business.

This blog hopes to teach some of the terms and, at the same time, give some examples and lessons on running a business.

There will also be reviews of books on business listed here. Sometimes companies give me books to review. Regardless of where I get the book to review, I will give my honest opinion. If I was given the book to review I will always disclose that in the review.

I seek to start posting on 02 January 2012. Some of the posts will be recycled from some of my other blogs.

The reader should know that there is no one “Right Way” to conduct business that will apply in all situations. This blog is meant as a place to start. It is hoped that you will perform further research and consult professionals experienced in your particular business before making any important decisions.

06 November 2018

Trump Aftershock: The President's Seismic Impact on Culture and Faith in America by Stephen E. Strang ISBN: 978-1629995557

Available November 6, 2018

Whether you voted for Donald Trump or you didn’t, you have to admire the accomplishments he has made in his short time in office.  That is what Trump Aftershock: The President's Seismic Impact on Culture and Faith in America by Stephen E. Strang is all about.

Strang has definitely done his research. He cites multiple surveys and studies in his new book.  The information given is amazingly detailed.

All this detail does not mean the book is boring or that you will zone out when you read it.  It is an interesting book that makes one think, “I did not know that.”

Strang had several interviews with top Christian leaders like Franklin Graham and Dr. James Dobson to try to shed some light on this phenomenon that is sweeping the nation.  That phenomenon is how a US President could make more progress in his first 500 days in office than any other president in the history of the USA and very little of it making it into the mainstream media.   That which does make it is spun in such a way as to make it look trivial or bad.

As a way of disclosure, we have to say that we did not vote for Donald Trump.  We cast our vote for Castle. I, David, actually believed that Trump was meant to do for Hillary what Ross Perot did for Bill.

This same author wrote God and Donald Trump.  We have not read that one, yet. Trump Aftershock  is very well-written, well-researched, and detailed.  It is extremely eye-opening and would make a great read no matter whether you lean blue or you lean red.

Five Star Review

By now you have to know we give this book all five stars and know you will, too.  

We were sent a complimentary copy of this book.  We are under no obligation to write any review, positive or negative.

We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255.

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